Philips MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840

Philips Master TL-D Xtra Super 80 is a replacement for the MASTER TL-D super 80 if you want even more extra life (only 10% failure at 47,000 hours!) Tube thickness: 26mm, Length 150cm. Light color 4000K
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Daylight G13 lamp base lamp base, lamp shape T8

The lifespan:
the PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840 The lifespan of this TL-D Xtra is very long. Only 10% failure 47,000 hours on HF control gear (24,000 hours on conventional gear) ! Ideal for places that are difficult to reach. Longer life and fewer premature failures lead to less inconvenience and lower maintenance costs. Special fluorescent layer ensures good. The lamp is easily recognizable by the 'x-shaped' green base. The Philips Master TL-D Xtra Super 80 lamp with G13 lamp base is dimmable on the right ballast. It is interchangeable with the other Super 80 lamps. This Philips Master TL-D Xtra delivers 76-93 Lm/watt.

Available in the light colours:
827 (Extra warm white, 830 (Warm white), 840 (bright white) and 865 (daylight)

Defective PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840 lamp is easy to recognize by the black breakdown in the lamp at the end on 1 side! If this is the case on both sides, the ballast is often broken. Usually the lamp slowly starts to give less light from 10,000 to 12,000 hours. It may be wise to replace it in good time due to the risk of the electronic ballast becoming defective. Due to wear of the lamp, it will consume more power, which will load the VSA.

Lamp base information PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840

T8 lamp with G13 lamp base sketch T8 lamp with G13 lamp base lamp holder G13
lamp base G13 T8 lamp with G13 lamp base lamp holder G13  

Changing the PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840 with 2 pins on each side can be done by turning it out of the socket with a gentle rotation 90 degrees to the left or right. De-energizing the fixture is necessary to allow the lamp to burn, but it is also safer.

Environmental aspects of the PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840 lamp.

All TL-D lamps fall under Energy efficiency label (EEL) A or B. The mercury content of the PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840 lamps is only 2 mg. Below the various TLD lamps and their energy label.

Application PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840

-Suitable for various "TL"-D fixtures. This lamp is often used in schools, offices, shops, factories, etc.

Benefits PHILIPS MASTER TL-D Xtra 58W/840

Covered with special fluorescent layer for better color rendering (Ra>80)
- 1.5 times longer lifespan than the standard color TL-D lamps
- Higher efficiency with HF control gear
- 30% more light for the same amount of energy than standard TLD lamps
- Creates a color climate ranging from warm white to cool daylight

Official name:
Lamp Type:
Lighting Type: -
Energy Efficiency Label (EEL): A
Wattage (W):
Length: -
Diameter: -
Beam (degrees): -
According power: -
Life (hours): -
Dimmable: -
Light color:
Color rendering (Ra): -
Luminous flux (lumens):
Lm / W:
Lamp Current (mA): -
EM Luminance (cd / cm2): -
Brightness (Candela): -
Bulb: -
Fitting: -
Product Barcode (EAN):
Barcode outside box:
EOC code:
Weight (gr):
Packing outer box (number): -
Design temperature (C): -
Mercury (Hg): -
Splinter free (HACCP): no
AC input voltage (V):
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