PHILIPS LED spot PAR20, LEDPAR30 and LEDPAR38 ideal for accent lighting. The Philips LEDPAR lamps are dimmable, very energy-efficient replacement bulbs with a "thick" E27 fitting. These LED spots with E27 lamp base are used on 230V-240V mains voltage. The light output is approximately 59 lumens/watt, which is high. These lamps have an 85% energy saving compared to incandescent and halogen lamps.

Lifespan . Philips Master PAR20 , LED spot PAR30 and LED spot PAR38 lamps have a lifespan of 45,000. This is 45x a light bulb!

Application . The MasterLED PAR is a renovation replacement for the 50W, 75W and 100W PARspot (depending on the type). It provides a dimmable glow effect for a welcoming, warm atmosphere. Its unique design emits warm light in all directions, making it a real alternative to the incandescent lamp. They can be used well to illuminate objects.

So PHILIPS LED spot PAR20W for the 50W light bulb (R63 incandescent or halogen spot). The PHILIPS LED spot PAR30 replaces 75W halogen (Sylvania HI-spot 95 and PHILIPS Halogena PAR30S). The PHILIPS LED spot PAR38 replaces the 75W or 100W PHILIPS PAR38 and Sylvania HI-SPOT 120). These quality LED lamps cannot be compared to the cool white LED lamps of a few years ago!

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