PHILIPS insect trap lamp. These are of the type UV-A fluorescent lamps color type 10. For use in insect traps. Optimized performance to attract most insects. The Philips Actinic BL PLS and PLL lamps offer a more compact solution for electronic insect killer systems.

PHILIPS TUV lamp. This gives a short-wave UV-radiation having a peak at 253,7nm UV-C for sterilization operation. Often used to kill algae and killing harmful bacteria in ponds.

UV lamp which is particularly suitable for killing or inactivating bacteria, viri and primitive organisms in:
- Food, such as dairy farms, disinfection of drinking water
- Pool, water conditioning systems, and a variety of photochemical processes
- Pond Lamp for killing algae

Blacklight blue T26 fluorescent lamps are low-pressure mercury vapor lamps. An inner coating of fluorescent powder that emits long-wave UV-radiation to generate light. High UV-A levels but low flux.

Isolde UVA bruinigslampen (formerly Philips) bruinigslampen diverse as the HPA 400, Cleo performance and Pure Bronze.

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