Different versions of the SOX. There are of the low-pressure sodium lamp Philips SOX to recognize a four versions of the color of the BY22d lamp cap.

Philips SOX (E, PSG) lamps are low-pressure sodium (silver-colored alkali metal) in lamps having a U-shaped, sodium-filled discharge tube. It is contained in a tubular outer bulb of glass-clear gevacuümeerde. All have the BY22d cap. The SOX give a Monochromatic yellow color.

Benefits of SOX lamp is a very high light output (up to 200 lumens per watt!) Which Philips SOX most efficient lamps light source to create illumination.

Applicationsof the SOX lamp. One she sees in many public lighting such as tunnel lighting and security lighting, railway, railroad crossings, airports, harbors and docks, quarries etc.

Differences in the SOX and SOX PSG lamps.

- PSG versions such as SOX and SOX E PSG PSG. have a Philips Solid-state Getter (PSG) for the highest reliability on the service life of the lamp SOX. This lamp was introduced in 2003 by Philips in order to avoid past failures. By an even (uniform) distribution of sodium in the discharge tube by means of dimples there is:
- Brought about a more stable discharge
- Better lumen
- A stable power - shorter start-up time,
- Higher efficiency and better lumen maintenance and longer lamp life.

The wrinkles are not the sodium remains divided better in the inner tube so that it is in the foot will collect and eventually cause cracks or leaks and the lamp would fail prematurely.

-SOX E (Economy) lamps are energy economical bulbs than standard SOX lamp, so more lumens per watt.

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